Angelic Awakening: Discovering the Judah Collective | Anjie Hipple

What if you could tap into a collective of around 350,000 angels who move and work together as one unified being, similar to a swarm of birds?

This week’s episode allows us to do just that when we have the wonderful opportunity to chat with, and about, these beings who are considered to be the Oprah of the cosmos. They’re called the Judah Collective and they’re here to introduce us to powerful spiritual beings from other dimensions ready to help us in the moment we ask.

Listen to or watch the Judah Collective yourself as Anjie Hipple channels them for us live on the show! Join us in the conversation about human enlightenment, awakening your power, and spiritual wisdom from beyond.

PLUS a very special health update from Will that just might have you believing in miracles!

"Its never too late to meet your angels and be reunited with your tribe. We don't think in terms of a 70 or 80 year life. You see, you are an eternal soul." – Anjie Hipple

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ABOUT OUR GUEST: I'm Anjie Hipple, author of The Answer To All Your Questions and creator of the True You Accelerator™ course. I have been so very many things in my life: wife, mother, schoolteacher, singer, songwriter, and so many other things. And right now in this season of my life, I have set all those roles aside to play the most important role of my life, which is as a channel for a beautiful collective of angelic beings from the fifth dimension.

Their name is Judah. Judah is a collective of around 350,000 angels who move together and work together as one unified being, much like a swarm of birds you might see in the sky. As a collective, Judah is considered the "Oprah" of the cosmos, here to introduce you to powerful spiritual beings from other dimensions ready to help you in the moment you ask.

And we are all going to work together -- the humans and these beautiful beings who are channeled -- for your highest good.

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Judah Collective 2


Karen: Karen? Yes. What if you could tap into a collective of around 350,000 angels who move and work together as one unified being kind of like a swarm? Birds? I, you'd lose 'em because I would never untap, just be in my room, tapped in forever. Right. But, but, but I'm assuming if you couldn't, uh, if you couldn't.

Channel them yourselves. Would you have a ton of questions for them? Oh yeah. All right. Well, you are in luck because today we have a wonderful opportunity to chat with and about beings that are considered to be the Oprah of the cosmos. I love Oprah Uhhuh, and I love the Cosmos. Well then you're gonna love this episode because they're called the Judah Collective, and they're here to introduce us to powerful spiritual beings from another dimension ready to help us in the.

That we ask, how are we gonna do that? You ask. Stay tuned to listen to one of our most important episodes to date. Welcome to the Skeptic Meta [00:01:00] Physicians.



Karen: Will Karen ? I had to do that.

Will: Of course. Yes. I've been waiting.

Karen: I have too. Um, we've been waiting for a lot of things and lately we were waiting on something that was a little scary to wait for. Hmm. But before we give the, the big finale to the story, we have to start from the beginning. Hmm. Okay. So our life has [00:02:00] been a bit of a turmoil for the last year and a half.

Mm-hmm. , do you wanna

Will: share why? Yeah. Quietly. It's been a quiet turmoil. Quiet. We haven't shared it with many, many people. Just a few, just a handful people know. But yeah, about a year and a half ago, um, my p a c levels, my blood levels, um, were elevated. So my doctor sent me to a urologist who. Uh, informed me after a biopsy that I had prostate cancer.

So it was too small to do anything about it right away. It was very small. It was, um, not anything that we needed to worry

Karen: about. Some people might not consider it cancer. Uh, yes. Like me. Yeah.

Will: Yeah. No, I mean, so much so that we actually went to a different urologist for a second opinion. Yeah. Who also confirmed the findings that I indeed did have prostate cancer.

So what they decided to do was this thing called active surveillance, which means that every six months I get a blood test to see what my [00:03:00] P S A levels are. Mm-hmm. , and every year I go in for a biopsy. Once again,

Karen: they should call it stressful surveillance because that's really what it was, . It really was sitting around not doing anything actively.

Yeah. Until they surveil the situation other than, you know, stressing.

Will: Yeah. And I, and I don't wish this on anybody, nobody, but if anyone who's ever gone through it would understand that once you have been deemed with the dreaded letter C, nothing's ever the same, no matter how small or how big it is. When you have been diagnosed with cancer, it always affects you in a very, very stressful way.

Mm-hmm. and your family. Uh, of course, of course. I don't mean to minimize that at all. So at my last PSA test, my levels were not what we had hoped. Uh, secretly we'd hoped that the biopsy needle had actually taken all the cancer out of it, so then my PSA levels would be back to normal. However, it wasn't the case.

My levels in indeed were a little bit even more elevated, so they [00:04:00] decided to do a, uh, another biopsy this time with the help of an mri. Mm-hmm. , Karen, you know, Term much better than me.

Karen: The targeted

Will: biopsy? Yeah, targeted bilateral biopsy. So what what they do is they, they send you into, in, into an MRI machine, which you loved.

Oh my gosh. I hated it with a passion. But anyway, that's a story for another day because I had some weird things happen while I was in there, but, , they do an mri and what they do is they, put the results of the MRI over a 3D map that they do with the, ultrasound of your prostate as you're getting your biopsy, and they target the biopsy needle to where they see areas of interest.

Sadly, when the MRI, they found a second larger. in my prostate that they were very concerned with. So on the, on the other

Karen: side, on the opposite side, now we have to mention that throughout the last year and a half going through this, um, obviously yes we're, you know, trying to be healthy and eating [00:05:00] food with additional turmeric and, and everything.

But one thing that we also did was really reach out to the community that we've formed through the skeptic meta physician, right? Um, we. Some wonderful conversations and you had some great sessions with some healers. Uh, we went to the harmonic egg. Anything that could in any way, shape or form help we've done Absolutely.

On the spiritual side.

Will: Yeah, we dove in, we dove in the metaphysical side. Any kind of healing modality that we came across, not only did we have 'em on the show, but we also asked them for help. Mm-hmm. . Well, they did that second biopsy, just a little bit over a week ago. And the worst part was waiting for those results.

More waiting because it was a week Right. Between the time that I had my biopsy to the time that they actually released the results and

Karen: the appointment they set up was gonna be like 20 days after the biopsy. Yes. 22 days. It was,

Will: it was a long time. It was a terrible length of time. That seems like six years.

An unfair amount of time. Yes. To be, to be frank. But when the results finally came, I was shaking. [00:06:00] I was shaking like, I don't think I've ever shook before. , uh, I'm not afraid to say that I was the most scared I've ever been in my life. Mm-hmm. , because I didn't know what those results are gonna be. the m r I said that it is likely cancer.

The other, the new lesion. The new, yeah. And, and there was a large one. So we, there, there was very, there was big concern. So when I opened up the. Long story short, there was a whole long drawn up process. I read the results about 15 times before. I gave up. I wasn't able to absorb what the results were saying, so I literally took my computer and put it in front of Karen and said, can you please tell me if you're seeing what I'm seeing

Karen: here?

Now if you're me, you see your husband who's been stressing about this and we've all been stressing about this for a while. Walk in with a laptop computer. Tears in his eyes saying, I've got my results. Tell me if you're seeing what I'm seeing. So you can imagine [00:07:00] my heart instantly went, you know, down to the through the earth.

I mean, it fell so

Will: far. Well, there was a very distinct reason why there were tears in my eyes. Mm-hmm. , the results that I was reading there, they took 13 cores. So basically they, they put 13 needles in my prostate, took 13 samples. Core by core one by one, each one kept saying, benign, benign, benign, benign.

All 13 cores came back reading benign. So to me, I was seeing something wrong. I, I was misinterpreting it, but it could, it could not be possible that not only was the new lesion, not anything to worry about, but the old one wasn't even there. Somehow the cancer disappeared. It's

Karen: gone. Totally

Will: gone. So o obviously elated , I mean celebrations that you could not believe.[00:08:00]

Mm-hmm. . And we owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of those. Folks that have come on the show and have so graciously donated their time to send me healing energies. Mm-hmm. , whether it's a harmonic egg or the intuitive healers or, or

Karen: even just talking about it and thinking about it and sending love and thoughts.

Absolutely. Vibrations

Will: to you. The, the Ayurvedic diet, I threw myself into everything. Every single healing modality we don't know, which. Helped or that all of them in combination all help. But we are in such gratitude to every single one of you who helped by sending us energy, who sent us good thoughts, positive vibes, good well wishes, everything.

This community has been unbelievable. Unbelievable. And we owe you so.

Karen: And even just talking to us and helping us have hope so that we didn't spend the last year and a half in the complete [00:09:00] darkness and the sadness that, that, that could be. Yes.

Will: Yes. So we are here, I know this was a little bit longer story mm-hmm.

than we usually do, but we felt it important enough to share with you, because I am a living example of you can overcome. I am now happy to say I'm a cancer survivor, thanks to the help of the community that we call ourselves a part of. So thank you for listening. Thank you for sending us all your positive thoughts, and thank you for being part of this community.

Karen: And most of all, we love you.

Well, Angie Hipple is the author of the Answer to All Your Questions and the creator of the True You Accelerator course. And right now she says she's playing the most important role of her. That of a channel for a beautiful collective of [00:10:00] angelic beings from the fifth dimension. Their name is Judah, and they're a collective of around 350,000 angels who move and work together as one being.

And she believes that we are all going to be working together, the humans and these beautiful beings who are channeled for our highest good. Welcome to the show, Angie Hipple. Thank

Anjie: you Will. Hi Karen. And well, it's great to meet you both.

Karen: Uh, we are excited. This is, Oh, I mean, unique in so many ways, but also, a little worrying

No, it's wonderful. Just, okay, this is weird, but just when you said that she has, you know, access to this group of hundreds of angels, like 350 thousands, like my, like. My eyes well up. Oh, but you know why? Why? Because I think you're one of them. . So Angie, we should, we should disclose, Karen has been proven that she's an angel on the earth.

Yes. And she's probably identifying very much with the Judah Collective. You might be one of the collective Karen. You

Anjie: might be, I don't think so. you. Well, you might be, you know, this is one of the [00:11:00] things that they explained over time as, as I was getting to know them. It's, it's a lot like a relationship with, you know, you meet someone, you exchange some small talk, and then over time you spend a little more time together and, and share stories and information and it spend a lot like that with them.

And one of the things they revealed over time is that, that I actually incarnate in into this life from the collective of Judah. So my soul is an angelic soul, and that's, um, they, they're my whole family. . And so that's what's made the connection so easy. And there are people like you, Karen, and I, and others on the earth who actually are angelic in nature and part of angelic families that made a decision to come here to Earth for specific purposes.

Sometimes in my case, I sort of, I guess, fell asleep or was unaware of this angelic connection until, my late forties. And, and I've [00:12:00] just woken up to that and, and when they came and I remembered this connection, it's been so powerful and so profound. But this is a real thing. There are some people on the earth today, like yourself, like me, who.

Angels and human bodies, our souls are angelic. In other words,

Karen: uh, Mike dropped. Karen . . I rest my case. . Alright, well regardless of whether Karen is one of the collective or not, I'm really curious about de Judah collective because, I'm not sure, did I introduce them correct? .

Anjie: Yes, yes. when they first came to me, they explained to me that they were speaking as one voice, but they are unified.

The 350, around 350,000 angels that work together. Later I be began, had more information that they come from a, that they're a part of the Christ consciousness and, are [00:13:00] the sort of like, lion ish, lion ish in their presence and their being and in the way they present themselves. So if you saw them, you might see them as a brilliantly shining lion.

Karen: Wow. I like that. As a, and sometimes ,

Anjie: this is a little funny. Trivia Judah bit. Sometimes when they're channeling through me, I'll actually snort like a lion

Karen: Why

Anjie: am I breathing like that? Oh, oh, I, I'm snorting

Karen: like a lion . I do wanna call something out as you're speaking about this, these beings and how they're the form of a lion. Those of you who are only listening to the show, you're not getting the whole thing. Because if you were to see Karen watch Karen's, her eyes have been welling up with tears this entire time.

So, Karen, I. I don't even know what's happening. . Well, and here's, I don't know. I don't know what

Anjie: I'm feeling. . That's amazing. Well, you know, [00:14:00] sometimes it is. You know, when you meet your Angel family, it. . I think it could be a lot like if you imagine yourself, if you were born a twin and you were separated at birth from your twin and each of you were raised by a different family and then maybe you got to be in your thirties or forties or fifties and you had the opportunity to meet them, that joy that you would feel.

I think it's very much like that when we get rec reconnected with our cosmic family, our, cuz our cosmic family has much more influence over us than even. Biological family ultimately because our cosmic family is the family of our soul. And the our soul is the part of us that never dies. It existed before we came to be in our mother's womb, and it will go on existing after we die.

our cosmic family is precious to. And I have had, Karen, just so you know, I've had couple of folks that I've worked with that said a really feel connection to Judah Judah's available for [00:15:00] everybody and anybody that wants to have a relationship with them.

Karen: It's uncanny to me how much this is affecting you, Karen, because as I told you many, many times, you're, you, we, we talked about the fact that you're an angel, so it just seems like that, this could be something that where you are, like, she's saying you're, you're feeling.

Home your people, right? Yes. Your family is Yes. Yes. Um, who, who comes through with Angie? So you might be feeling that. So Yeah. I don't, I, I've not, this, this is just like over overwhelming, surprising, unexpected. I mean, I'm like, where are these, what's happening with these tears coming from ? Right. Well, Up until now, you've been going through life as a wife and a mother and not thinking, oh, I many minute, these 350,000 angelic beings are gonna come through to me. What, how did you come to terms with the fact that A, this was real and b that, these beings were now with you for good forever?


Anjie: Well, the, the happening was so profound. I [00:16:00] wasn't expecting to become a channeler.

Tell us about when, when you had this awakening and when it happened and, and how it felt. Oh, yeah. All right. We'll see if I can give you the trailer version of the movie, . Well, I grew up, uh, when I was about seven or eight years old, um, my mom, I started asking my mom questions about God, and she had a, a church background from her own upbringing, and she felt prompted to take me to church.

That was the only. Resource she knew of for answering these questions that I had about God. And I remember, uh, after some time of going with my mom sitting in a pew one night and hearing the preacher talk about hell, and I thought, oh no, I don't want to go to hell. Definitely don't wanna go to hell. And I also remember thinking, oh no, I don't wanna be separated from Jesus.

And uh, and in that moment, um, this. Came all [00:17:00] around me. It was, um, it was like I had been enveloped in this beautiful flop fog and I just felt overcome with love and bliss and joy and I wasn't sure what to do, but I heard them telling me, the preacher saying that I should come down the aisle if I wanted to receive this beautiful Jesus into my life.

And so I did what any child would do and not having. Other information or insight. I just tried to write down that aisle and I repeated the prayer that they asked me to pray and I, I was baptized and I started reading my Bible and I was just very, very happy to do anything that was given to me to do because I had been overcome with this presence of love and, and I.

Different moments like this off and on throughout my childhood in young adulthood where I would experience this tangible, [00:18:00] powerful, loving presence come in the room with me. And my only frame of reference for what that, who, and what that might be was from my Christian upbringing. So I made a lot of false assumptions and associations because of that.

Mm-hmm. not really having a lot of guidance or understanding. Yes. So, you know, I gave it. Best college. Try my Girl Scout best. Um, I, I just wasn't happy. Life didn't seem to work. I didn't know why. Looking back on it, I think a lot of it was, you know, what we were just talking about, ki sometimes you just don't, you just have this sense that you don't know where your tribe is or that you don't quite mm-hmm.

belong here, you know? And I think for some star seeds and angelic souls that are incarnated here, And we've been trying to make things work in this, in the cultures and concepts that we've been given. And it just [00:19:00] doesn't quite feel right or it doesn't feel like home and we haven't met our people. And so we have this, um, kind of a lost child syndrome, you know?

And when I, about seven years ago, my, my father died suddenly and I was the only child. and I was really heartbroken, and I've found this to be a very common thread when people have an awakening or suddenly begin to, um, recede contact from angels or cosmic beings, or suddenly become channelers, um, a lot of times it's either from a near-death experience or a really traumatic loss of someone that, that, you know, is very beloved.

So when my father died mm-hmm. , everything came apart at the seams everyth. All my roles started getting peeled away by life, one at a time. I couldn't, couldn't be the great teacher, mother, wife. I was in deep grief. I ended up divorced. I ended up [00:20:00] taking an an exit out of Christian life. It just felt like my soul was for freedom and I had no idea where it was, what it looked like, but I knew that what I was doing wasn't working.

Couple years into this process of letting go of all my roles, I found, uh, a new spiritual partner who was the opposite of everything. I knew he was that weird hippie guru, ashram Christ from the, from the seventies, right. And, um, never touched a Bible, wouldn't touch one with a 10 foot pole, you know? So we were these polar opposites, but yet he was a truce speaker.

He'd been meditating for, I don't know, decades and. and we began this journey together. Somewhere in that process, COVID happened. I was in this new awakening I was experiencing that seemed like the lemony Nic series of unfortunate events. , that's, it was really, um, [00:21:00] set up. I was getting set up for mm-hmm. a rapid.

The shedding of my ego, , and man, was it, it was just flying everywhere. The ego stuff was coming off, and so Chuck was my new partner, was helping me along in this process. Got into Covid early on. In 2020, I contracted Covid, like very, very sick. At the time that I contracted it, I was running three miles a day.

I was in great. and it attacked my heart. And oh gosh, I was a long hauler. I had a lot of things going on, but uh, for about two years I really did nothing but just sit around in a chair. Mm-hmm. , meditate and ponder and let go. And so the universe, whoever, and whatever God is, and those beautiful angels. They were giving me this glorious opportunity to let go of everything [00:22:00] that I had derived any sense of worth or or value from.

I didn't have the strength to sing. That was one of the last straws for me, cuz that that had a joyful place for me for so many years. And I would come in the studio and try to sing and I didn't have enough breath to sing a. So, mm-hmm. , everything was being stripped. Strip, strip, strip. Mm-hmm. . Finally, somewhere near the end of about two years, I was sitting in the chair and just letting it all go.

Okay. All right. So I can't contribute anything anymore to anyone, and there's nothing I have to be, and there's nothing I have to do, and God still loves me anyway, whoever, and whatever God is, I let all those definitions. and at mm-hmm. at that time, my second, third little grandbaby was about to be born.

And I knew I wasn't gonna be able to be there cuz I didn't have the strength to go. I wasn't well enough. And I had, I let that go too. And, [00:23:00] and, um, just so much surrender. One night we were sitting on the sofa, Chuck and I, and we were watching a beautiful channeler named Wendy Kennedy on the, on YouTube or something, on a, probably a show very much like this.

And Chuck said you could do that. And I thought, well, that might be one thing I can't actually do while I sit here in my chair, there's absolutely nothing else, . And I said, okay, whatever universe I'm hoping for, whatever. And within hours I started getting amazing downloads that, wow. When I went to bed, I felt my little grandbaby as if he was in my physical body.

I felt my womb. I felt his little head pushing on the floor of my pelvis as if he was in my body. I started having all these amazing psychic phenomenon and, and some voice was telling me all about this sweet little baby and why he was coming to the earth and [00:24:00] what he was gonna do and why he was so important.

And what kind of a, a kid, an adult, he was gonna. and I got up and I just typed it all up. Mm-hmm. . And the next, when Chuck come, came home from work, I, I said, listen to this. And I read it to him and he said, well, who is it? I said, it's some being


Anjie: Judah. And, and we said, well, what do we do now? And we sat down together and we said, well, let's just meditate and see what happens.

And within a few minutes this big booming voice came, . . And so for a year now, almost every night we get visited by Judah. And the reason we call Judah the Oprah , besides the fact that I love Oprah , is because if you ever get a call from Oprah, you know your life just radically changed, right? Everything about your life,

Very true. Yes, very true. And then if [00:25:00] she intro starts introducing you to some of her other friends, Then, you know, each one of them that you meet is going to be a game changer too. And right for a while it was just Judah, but then Judah introduced us to the Pleidian and to Lars of our tourists and Z of the tall grays.

And then we met Ralf, who is an ancient OID being who's the keeper of the, of the crust of the earth's mantle. Bella, who's a group of theories who are really passionate about straightened parents out and how they're raising their kids, and, and so we are just having a party over here all the time and Judah's hosting.


Will: an incredible story. It sounds like the, the spiritual weakening aspect of what you went through, we've heard that type of story before. Not quite like yours, but the, the fact that you had to surrender and when you to surrender the, the act of surrender is what actually help all of this start.

Start to snowball, start to happen. I have [00:26:00] a ton of questions to ask you, but I also would love to talk to the Judah collective themselves. We need to take a break, so stay with us. When we come back, we're gonna see if we can't make contact with Judah, and then we'll ask some more questions of Angie. But stay with us cuz you do not wanna miss this.

Welcome back to the Skeptic Meta Physicians. We are talking to Angie Hipple and her cadre of beings that have channeled through her 350,000 angelic beings that talk through her in about her in about the teachings and how we're supposed to live life and all that kind of stuff. She told us her story, how she awakened to these beings, and I think, Angie, you had one more thing you wanted to express about.

Anjie: Yeah, I just wanted to mention that within hours of Judah [00:27:00] coming, I realized that I was completely, totally physically healed, which was a miracle. I was totally back to hell. No more health problems. Wow. And the other thing I wanted to mention is that, you know, I never set out to be a channeler, but it, I, I had set out and had an intention in my heart.

Come into fullness of awakening and move towards enlightenment, whatever that meant, and fulfilling the purpose of my soul. And, and through meditating and listening to enlightened beings and just being the skeptic meta physician that you talked about, reexamining all my beliefs. And so channeling was just this really happy accident quote unquote accident that happened.

And um, Judah and Angels, that's the other thing I wanna say is they, Such power, raw, raw, supernatural, spiritual power to add to our desire to, to [00:28:00] awaken and our desire to be enlightened and fulfill our purpose. And that's why I'm so very thankful to them.

Will: Definitely a theme of healing, uh, on the show. So we, yes, , we are thrilled that, um, we're aligned on that path.

Mm-hmm. to tremendously. Alright, so before we. Tease the fact that we might have a chance to speak to the collective ourselves. So I'm curious if you feel that they might be around, they might want to have, uh, a conversation very

Anjie: briefly with us. Absolutely. And you ask anything you want and we'll just jump in.

Ready? Okay. Yes. Hello, bill and Karen, and hello to all your beautiful listeners. We're so, so very happy that you are here. . We love being here with you and, and this is the beauty of what it means to be angelic and to be a soul, is that we are where you are and you are where we are, and we are all here gather even if our physical spaces are different.

You see in the fifth [00:29:00] dimension, we are all connect. And, and it is, it is a truth. It is a reality. And that is why. That is why when, when, when Angie came and logged on with you, that Karen could feel the tears and the presence coming where she is because we are there with you and you are here with us, and we are happy to answer any questions you have for us.


Will: Well, I mean, the first question I have, you touched on, so we are one, we're all connected. At the beginning of the show, we mentioned the fact that you are a collection of 350,000 angelic beings. So if we are all one, you, you hear, once we pass on to the next life, we become, we reconnect as one. So how is it that we are still, you are still have individual identities?

Anjie: Well, well, well, we are very many individual souls. But you see there is no, no, no, no competition. We are constantly deferring and preferring one another, deferring and [00:30:00] preferring, deferring and preferring one another in love. And so it doesn't feel like a sacrifice for one of our souls to allow the other to step forward or or for one of us to step back and we just move together in oneness, like a swarm of bird.

If you've ever seen that happen, that phenomenon of thousands of birds in the. Moving together as one unit, and, and sometimes this, this vessel gets questions from people. They seem kind of surprised that we step aside so willingly for these other beings to, to speak through the vessel in a channeling situation.

And some of them as, as people in your, your spiritual culture would say. Lower in vibration than we are. Uh, but we, you see, we don't think of anything in that regard whatsoever. We do see ourselves as one with all beings, and everyone is involving, including angels. Angels are [00:31:00] not perfect. They are also on their path of evolution.

They, however, of course, Perhaps come to a place that, that, that, that, that where their vibration is higher and more consistently higher a a and can appropriate more, more consistently at a, a, at a higher level. The, the, the raw, raw essence of God, of life force energy. And we are happy to share that. So for you to say we are all one is a mean for us, it is a living, working reality.

Of who and how we are.

Will: I love it. Being called out by angelic beings. Yes. Using mees .

Anjie: We, we do a lot of that because you see there's not a lot of time. Mm. And and there are many, many people who are desperately searching. For, for answers and for the revelation and expansion and the, the practical ability to be their [00:32:00] beautiful, the soul that they are in the context of the life in which they live.

We see this because there are so many, even in this moment, committing suicide. This special's precious, precious stepson lost 10, 10, 10 classmates at his university this week to. , and it's not because they have done anything wrong. It is because the culture is wrong and does not know how unfortunately, to, to, to embrace these precious ones and show them the reality of their, the treasure of their vast eternal soul.

And they long for this spiritual connection and the only way they understand to find it is through this terrible. And this is why we must work fast. And we tell the truth because when we tell the truth to you, dear ones, we tell it to you because we love you. And you feel [00:33:00] that. You feel, oh, oh, I just was scolded a little bit.

But you laugh. You laugh because it feels so good. The love, the love of truth, and the truth without love hurts. And there's a lot of that. There are a lot of of people in, in, in spiritual circles who have a lot of quote unquote truth to share, but it is not coming from the heart of love, and so it hurts and wounds.

And we are not about ego annihilation. We are about ego, relaxation and, and so love, love, love all the fearful and hurting parts of who you are. Love your egoic hearts. They're your little childlike parts that need hugs and kisses. They are, they are the parts of you that are like your frightened rescue pup.

That, that, that, that, that needs to be carried down. The skit. Stairs not scolded you. And, and, and so this is a big part of Judah's [00:34:00] message. Our message is eco relaxation, not Eli Annihilation. Loving, loving, loving the fearful egoic parts, embracing them, and giving them safe places for the soul to expand and override them.

Hmm, I love. We hear so much about people having near death experiences and that's how they gained this ability to communicate, like with you. Now, how would someone like me that isn't in that situation, how could I communicate or make contact with you? Well, or is that just not possible? Absolutely possible.

And this vessel has invested thousands of hours in writing. Exactly how that happened for her, her, her entire experience in a 10 week course with hundreds of pages and hours and hours of information. But the quick answer is absolutely yes and yes, dear Karen, [00:35:00] it is you, you too. You have angels all around you, my dear.

And just by acknowledging that in a childlike sense of faith, you don't have to see them. They are there and you feel their. One of the ways that you feel our presence is through that rush of emotion, be it joy or tears, or just a tingly sensation or, or just feeling lighter, lighter and better. You see?

And just trust that we are there and start asking, start talking to us. Have you ever had the experience that you thought of someone you thought, oh, I want to call Sue today. Maybe you hadn't spoken to her in a. And then within a moment or two, Sue rang your phone. Yes. So she was there all along, was she not?

And so were you. It was just a matter of making of the connection. And the connection was made telepathically through thought. And so we are here right now for you dear. Right here, right [00:36:00] there in the room with you and all around you. And just your thought, just your thinking of us. And then we may connect.

we may connect just like with the cell phone. You see, well, well you don't understand all about how it works to you, but yet it works nonetheless. Mm-hmm. . And so you just call out to us and we will answer and we answer not always through a big booming, uh, uh, uh, altercation as we are doing through this vessel though, if that is something you desire, you are cert mercy, certainly welcomed.

Do that as well. But un understand that we come in these gentle thought impressions that make you feel better. And that is us. And it is us conjoining, conjoining, like conjoined twins with your higher self. We are not, not God. We are your big brothers and sisters, my dear. And [00:37:00] just like if you have a big brother or sister, you look at them sometimes and you can see they have your same nose or your same eyes, or maybe some of your same mannerisms and so on.

You see, well, we are your big brothers and sisters, and when you hear us and you talk with us, you will see a little bit of us in you and you in. I

Will: think I'm seeing an awful lot of you in Karen and vice versa. Again, if you're only listening to the show, you're missing part of it. Karen, are you okay? ? Yes. I mean, this is really touching me love.

Are you really listening?

Anjie: Love. Find her here. We're just pulling if her into our heart today and giving her the biggest, biggest hug. Hugs. Cause we're so happy reuniting a family reunion.

Will: Mm. Well, Karen, I'll give you a second

Anjie: to, it's never too late to have a dream, never too late to [00:38:00] meet your angels and be reunited, reunited to your tribe.

We don't think in terms of a a 70 or 80 year life, you see, you are an eternal soul, and what is happening in this moment for you dear, is you're remembering, you are remembering a connection to us and to angels that you have had in the. And you are remembering as if you are waking up from a dream and remembering a dream.

But the dream is real. It's

Will: real, Karen, it's real. What I've been telling you for a long time. This is the only time I'm gonna go. I told you so

I'd like to go back a little bit to something, the answer you gave us, uh, to the first question about the challenges that we're going through in this world. And I know I don't want to keep you too much longer. So really the question I have is, with so much strife, with so much, so many difficult problems happening, what can we do here to help bridge that gap?

[00:39:00] How can we help humanity to remember how can. Handle the strife and the conflict that we are experiencing as humanity right now.

Anjie: Yes. Yes, yes. Wonderful. Wonderful. Well, we have tons to say about this, but we will keep it simple and we will say that there are, are, are hundreds of hours of free channels are on this vessel's.

Uh, uh, uh, YouTube free on this topic where Judah and other beings will speak, but we will make it shorten and sweet. And, and please be careful not to hear it as a meme or something trite, but it is just as simple as this. Love the one in front of you with every ounce of your being. Love them. Love and choose to trust them even if you feel they may not be trustworthy.

Love and trust them. Step away from fear and doubt in the moment, whatever that [00:40:00] means for. And choose love and separate yourself from divisiveness. For example, this vessel is absolutely 100% committed not to affiliate in any way, shape or form with any political, the party or any religious institution that might inhibit her from being what someone.

Be love for the one in front of you. Be love for the one in front of you. Pour out all the love you have for them and when you've done your best and they cannot receive or you don't know how to love them, then go back and love yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself.

Will: Hmm, gosh. I love that

Anjie: answer.

And if, and if anything fails there in any way and you are uncertain, then go back and meditate. [00:41:00] Love and meditate. Love and meditate. All things can be resolved in meditation. All things, all things. Home Depot says We are doers. Get things done. We say meditation. We are doers. Get things done, do things first in meditation, and resist the urge to act or, or, or take action until you are in perfect alignment and peace.

Most of the time, no action is needed beyond loving and me.


Will: my gosh. I, I think Judah, that we're gonna need to have you on the show a lot more because there's so much that you could teach us and there's so many questions. But I do have more questions for Angie's. But before you go, Karen, do you have any last questions for the collective?

Yeah. Anything you wanna say to them or anything? I don't mean to cry. Make you cry again. I know, I

Anjie: can't. I gotta keep it together. So . [00:42:00]

Will: All right. Well Judah, thank you so much for coming and speaking with us today. We're following that. We'll have a chance to connect with you again in the future. Yes, we

Anjie: would love to.

Thank you so much. We look forward to it very much.

Will: Wow. So Angie, you did not warn us what to expect, uh, that there was like a complete transformation. It was instant, yeah. Yeah. A third and final time. Hopefully, if you're only listening to the show, you're doing yourself a disservice. If you could only see the change in Angie when she gave herself a way to let the collective through.

That was incredible. So, uh, catching on our, on our YouTube channel, if you've not watched it, I urge you strongly to, to watch it. It was, that was astounding. Julie, astounding and a little scary, uh, because suddenly you became a different person Altogether is wild.

Anjie: Yes, yes, yes, yes. And, and it, and in a, the strangest way will, it feels like I'm actually being my very best self somehow.

It's really an amazing more you feeling. It doesn't at all feel [00:43:00] intrinsic. Holy. It just, the energy and love that I feel while it's happening is so, and, and it's, what's so beautiful about it is I feel like I'm actually able to let love the people in front of me the way I've always wanted. , you know? Huh?


Will: Ji Yeah. I gotta say, so I'm, I'm one of those people that kind of like, the channeling has always been iffy for me. I was like, well, hell, I don't know. It's a little weird. And I gotta, I gotta be, I gotta be honest. At first, it was very weird for me. I, when, when you change, I was like, Ooh, I don't, uh, I don't think that's, I don't wanna do this.

I don't wanna be here, but then call me crazy. Go ahead, call me crazy. But the feeling, the energies that came through as it continued to talk suddenly, it just kind of, Anticipated all my thoughts of this is weird, just suddenly became, no, this is perfectly natural and super welcoming. Especially when he scolded me that was like, I'm, I was back as a kid.

it was like, it was awesome. It was perfect. And then from that point on, I was like, yep, I'm, I'm all in. So

Anjie: wonderful. You know, I've always thought clin was super weird [00:44:00] too, and definitely was always a skeptic for certain. So I don't know exactly how that works, but, um, the fruit you. The Judah's always talking about check the fruit when, when the fruit of it is so good.

When you feel, when you're instantly healed, when you feel so loving towards people, when you feel so transformed by the energy of the room, you know, how do you say no to that and. and, and just the wisdom. Yeah. You know,

Will: especially with such loving energy. Yes. That was in the room. I, I, I don't, I can't imagine anyone that wouldn't want to just give themselves up to that.

Mm-hmm. , that was incredible. It really was. Uh, truly, I've got literally about 15 shows worth of questions, , so I'm gonna try to, because it's the skeptic meta position, and because we have to ask the questions, I have to ask. Yep. How is the experience for you? I mean, was it, is it, how can you be sure. That this is the collective coming through and not just you or your self con your, your subconscious just kind of [00:45:00] reassociating.

Anjie: It doesn't matter. Yeah, yeah. You know, I asked myself all those questions. Um, I mean, in the beginning I, I would have really tough moments like, what's going on? Am I schizophrenic? Do I need to go on medication? Should somebody be locking me? , um, you know, that mind stuff kicks in and, and I think, you know, you're right.

I don't think we really have to know the answer. I think we, we have to go by the fruit of, you know, if, is this producing something really good in my life and other people's lives? You know, if, if I think for me, I have to just set aside the weirdness of it and the bizarreness and listen to the message and I do that.

Mm-hmm. , um, one of my favorite things that we're doing now, we have a daily quotes from. . And so every morning when I get up in my, on, in, my email is waiting for me. Um, a daily quote from Judah, and usually by the time it's arrived there, I it's, I've long forgotten it. I mean, I spend so many hours channeling that I can't remember all the things that Judah said, [00:46:00] and so many times I read it and I think, oh wow, that's exactly what I needed to hear today.

I really, did Judah actually say that? I'd forgotten that. And oh, that speaks exactly to what I'm going through. this situation or that situation. Yeah. And so, I mean, if the message is relevant, if, if the shoe fits, wear it, if it, if it's powerful, if it shifts something in your life towards joy, towards love, towards happiness, you know, why, why not?

I mean, I could spend all day talking about how weird it is or, or questioning it, but, I just don't need

Will: to. Yeah, absolutely. So first of all, that's really cool. Is this something that anyone can sign up for to, to get Judah's daily inspirational thing? Cause I'm in, if

Anjie: you're free, you just go to the website and sign up for um, or on YouTube.

On YouTube, we have a channel almost every single day. There's a brand new channel from Judah or one of our friends. At the party and then [00:47:00] the free quotes, you can sign up for there or on the judah Yeah,

Will: that's awesome. We're gonna lay in a direct link to that in our show notes. Just go to skeptic, go to her episode page and you'll see the link directly there.

Uh, so it's easy for you to access both. And you're right, the, the Judah did mention your YouTube channel, and I think that's something that I'm gonna subscribe to as well. But question that's burning in my head right now is when you're doing this, Free association, are you actually thinking of the answer before it comes out of your mouth?

Does it have a little bit of Angie in it, or is it just purely just blah?

Anjie: I think, I think that's, um, one of the things they've shown me is that, you know, our, we have lots of sources of help. You know, we have our higher self, we have angels, we have source energy, we have the Kosh records, we have other interstellar races.

All those things kind of overlap. You know, they, they all have a sweet spot where they kind of. So, um, I do think that, um, that they make use of [00:48:00] my experience, uh, even vocabulary and, and learning that I have in my brain. Um, and they can use all of that kind of like vocabulary to from which to channel. And, um, and sometimes I do worry will, I think wills.

What if I'm just, what if this is just bullshit? What if I'm just sharing something outta my head, you know, um, Sure. And, and, and so, but I have to kind of just kind of leave that. And also I have to trust the listener. And I say to people a lot of times, take what you like and leave the rest. You know, and, and I wanna always encourage people to be discerning and to be skeptical and to only embrace what really witnesses to their own heart and what kind of aligns with what they're feeling in their own higher self.

Um, and there are times too where I've channeled some beings have come around that do feel more lower vibe and. , and I'm not sure that I agree with what they're saying, and I [00:49:00] think that's okay too because like Judah said earlier, we're all, all beings, even other Interstellar races and angels are in a process of evolution, and they're all entitled to their own perspective.

And I don't mind giving them a voice and a platform. It doesn't mean that I endorse every single thing that they're saying, um, but it gives me a chance to exercise. Just discernment too. Gosh,

Will: I have so many questions, Karen. I don't wanna monopolize the entire time.

Anjie: No, I'm just, I'm still just kind of figuring out what happened there.

to me and I, state of bliss, . You have, I'm just soaking in it. So go ahead.

Will: Well, one of the questions I wanted to ask Judah, and uh, I didn't wanna take up too much of their time, but there's a lot of talk these days and you keep mentioning other beings from other planets and things like that. There's a lot of talk these days of unidentified objects in the skies across the, the world really.

Now they found one in, I think of Romania and things like that. So, Does Judah have any guidance about that? What [00:50:00] is it and is this the time, are they actually now disclosing themselves to us or should we be prepared for anything?

Anjie: Yes. Should we ask Judah? Sure. Okay. Yes. Mind. Be happy to answer that dear. So, a lot of the purpose of so many new channels, such as this one coming forth and our voices being so prominent, uh, and given wide.

Attention is the need for cushioning and gentle transition around disclosure of cosmic beings in interstellar races. For there will be, ultimately, there will most certainly be global awareness of the existence of many. Vast myriads of souls and interstellar races and [00:51:00] angelic beings, and there is so much in your media and culture, including in the news that is, is very cleverly, sometimes unconsciously, other times intentionally designed to incite.

be very careful. You see most young children when you speak to them about UFOs are frightened. They are frightened because of the early imprints of media on their consciousness about what these beings are, what they are like, and that's is much of why we are speak. Judah now, because even in this moment as you experience the love and, and, and grace and wisdom and truth, we are sending you, you are having.

A disclosure of your own, you are experiencing what it can be, what wonderful thing it can be to have a [00:52:00] relationship with a higher dimensional being from out there, from the unseen realms that love and care for you and only want your highest good. . And so this is why these channels are very, very important.

Because this transition is coming, it is inevitable. There will be global awareness, uh, of ets, and we would prefer to, to bring it in softly now as a soft landing with this sort of intimate conversation and relationship. Otherwise, there will be much fear You see.

Will: Yeah, it makes perfect sense. So what you're saying, Judah, is there's no need to fear any kind of ET or

Anjie: anything like that?

That is right. When this vessel watches the news and she sees the stories, she says, oh, they've got my [00:53:00] back. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about that. Awesome.

Will: Thank you so much. This was what we, a burning

Anjie: question in my. So we would say you can initiate your first contact with beings, that, with which your soul aligns, the ones that ring true for you, the ones that you would want to have in your, as a part of your life and your experience.

You make the first contact, and this will bring cushioning and protection for you in coming.

Will: and how do you do that? How does someone go about contacting them?

Anjie: It's very simple. For instance, if you today feel a connection to Judah, you say, hello, Judah, hi, my name is, and I'm so glad to, to have you come into my awareness and I'd like to get to know you in the same [00:54:00] way that you would greet and meet any other human person that you had an interest.

Will: Thank you very much, Judah, once again. Thank you, Karen, are you gonna be saying? Yes I am. Hello Judah. Nice to meet you, . Yes, I am. I had a feeling, I had a feeling. Wow. The, the time has absolutely flown by. I cannot believe it. En Angie, I need you to do me a favor and promise that you'll come back on the show, because I promise you were very kind, you and your team were very kind to send us a whole lot of questions that would be appropriate to ask you.

We did not ask. Maybe one of them it, it's ridiculous. We have so much to talk

Anjie: about. We have no agendas over here. We're just showing up . We would love to come back. Yeah. No, it's, you sure did show up .

Will: Yeah, absolutely. The last question before we, we say goodbye and thank you, I couldn't help but notice that Judah kept referring [00:55:00] to you as a vessel.

Is there, I mean, I think I know why, but is there a specific reason why they don't say, .

Anjie: Absolutely. Um, well, because, um, if you think about a potter who is working on a potter's wheel and they have a lump of clay and they're shaping that clay and the potter gets to decide what shape that vessel will take on and whether it will be a vessel for ordinary use or some extraordinary use.

Perhaps very ornate and intricate or perhaps very simple. And so the vessel has no say in that it's the potter that has the say. And so they talked to me a lot very early on. They, they understood that this is part of why they came to me is that I don't feel any need to say what message I.[00:56:00]

or how I should be shaped or formed. You see, I, I, I finally let go of all that. I finally let go of wanting to be the star and the, the singer and the teacher, and the perfect mother. And, you know, I let go of all of that and I just decided, well, especially during that time of sickness, I'm just gonna be this limp of clay on the wheel, on the potter's wheel, and I'm just gonna let the universe shape me into any vessel.

Will serve and, and so I'm just here empty in whatever message or beings or presence can, can make use of my voice in my body. I trust that the potter is, um, Making all that work out for the good and that I'm in good hands, so I don't need to be self-protective. I know a lot of Taylors have rituals they go through to make sure [00:57:00] they're protected.

I don't really feel the need to do that.

Will: I am floored. This has been so much more beautiful than I could ever, ever expected, and I was expecting some beauty. So . Well, I, before we say goodbye, is there anything that you wanna make sure. That our audience hears from you before we say goodbye,

Anjie: just to know that, that you're loved.

And if you've heard something in this interview that, um, that you want for yourself, it's yours for the asking. And, um, that we're here to serve any way that we can. And in the ways that I'm limited as a human being as far as my time or exchange, we have other tools that we're happy to give and share. . Um, and then also we have tools, you know, that, that we ask for fees for, cuz we have staff that we pay and so on.

But we are here for you and if you wanna be connected, [00:58:00] you're, you can be a part of this family, you just fill out your adoption papers and send us an email or a message and say, Hey, we're here. We wanna be a part of the family and we'll just take you right in. And we're just thrilled to meet you. That's

Will: amazing.

There's so much we did not talk about, we didn't talk about your True U Accelerator course. We didn't talk about your musical career that you had to put on pause because of all this. I mean, there's so much about Angie that you would, I'm sure would love to learn. So we are gonna put in a direct link to your website and to all the ways that people can reach out to you so that they can get even more connected with you because you.

Such an amazing person. I mean, it just, it just comes out of you in waves. It ha this has been an absolute honor, uh, and a pleasure to get a chance to chat with you. And I do hope that we'll have a chance to have Judah and you back on the show sometime really soon. Yeah. Got

Anjie: lots more questions and we are deeply grateful for your work.

Thank you [00:59:00] for all that you're doing and, and we pray that it will be greatly expanded.

Will: Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you.

. Well, thanks for coming along on this journey of discovery with us. We'd love to continue our conversation with you on our website:, or on Facebook and Instagram under Skeptic Metaphysician Podcast. If you know someone who would benefit from hearing the messages we're sharing on the show, do them and us a favor and share the show with them.

It will help get the word out about us, and it may just change someone's life for the better. And if you're listening to this on the radio and you missed something, well, not to worry. All of our shows, including this one, can be found at where you can also watch the videos or you can send us an email or voicemail directly from the site.

We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you. Well, I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have. That's all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of The Skeptic Meta Physicians. Until then, [01:00:00] take care!

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