How to Wake Up Spiritually | Kimberley Chapman

You've heard that more and more people are "waking up" from the dream reality they've been living in and realizing that we are so much more than just this three-dimensional body that we inhabit. But if you haven't yet gotten your wake up call, how can you jump start the process?

This week's guest can help you get there, thanks to her "Wake Up with KC" program.

"Its like somebody's taking a taser gun to me and just turning the volume up based on the frequency and the vibrations that I deal with, with these beings. Some of them are celestial angelic, highly evolved, like extra terrestrial and then ancient." --Kimberley Chapman

Some topics covered:

  • What its like to be an empath
  • What emotional, energetic traumas are and how they affect us
  • How genetic wounds are passed down from generation to generation
  • Why some traumas aren't cleared with a past life regression
  • The key to stopping self-sabotage
  • How to wake up spiritually
  • The power behind seeing number groups
  • How numbers can affect your life
  • The power of living through trauma
  • How to break out of traumatic patterns
  • How to wake up to new thoughts and new concepts
  • Why we really aren't who we think we are
  • The place where all Truth lies

And lots more!

About our Guest:
Kimberley Chapman is an Emotional Intuitive Transmedium Life Transformational Coach. Her mission and purpose is to awaken, educate, evolve, and transform human beings to be their best self and live their best life now. She discusses the misconceptions of who we are and how limited beliefs, mental programming, and even emotional energetic traumas hinder us from being our true authentic selves and living our best life now.

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Kimberly Chapman

Will: [00:00:00] today's guest is an emotional, intuitive trans medium life. Transformational coach. Say that five times fast.

Wow. Yeah.

Well, the cool thing about her is that she talks about how limited beliefs, mental programming, and even emotional, energetic trauma. Stop us from being our true, authentic cells. So I think she is going to do a lot of good for me. I'm gonna learn a lot because I need some help with my own self-sabotage


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So head on over to skeptic, and join our community right now. So you don't miss out. All right, now that that's out of the way let's get on with the show.

 Hey everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the skeptic men of positioned. I'm so glad that we are back here doing another episode

Karen: I know I am too. I just love doing this so much.

Will: We do have a lot of fun. Don't we? I think we have too much fun. Probably we do.

I think, I think it's probably against the law to have as much fun as we're having, today's an interesting topic because of my own personal. History now [00:02:00] long time listeners will know that I started the show when I had a little bit of a crisis on my own.

And it turns out that I learned a lot about myself through the whole COVID times, right. Where I learned that I have a habit of sabotaging myself in a pretty hardcore. let me welcome to the show. Casey, Casey, thanks so much for coming on and talking to us.

Kim: Well, thank you for having me. It's such an honor and a pleasure and I love like-minded and especially metaphysical. I mean, oh my gosh. That's like my favorite kind of topics to talk about.

Will: We'll strap your seatbelts because we go all over the place.

Karen: You never know where our

Will: conversation will take us. And that's the fun of it. Right? Universe takes his word. Universe, wants to take us in whatever message we supposed to give on this episode. We are happy to do so. So.

Karen: I would like to know I'm just button right in.

So you have this wonderful title. Can you explain it to me? Because I have no idea what that

?: means.

Kim: Wake up with Casey. It's [00:03:00] really simple.

?: It's.

Will: think, I think she meant the emotional, intuitive, trans medium life transformational coach. Yes. That one.

Karen: Although I have a rough time waking up too, so.

Kim: An emotional, intuitive, trans medium on the spiritual aspect and understanding is I'm, it's connected to being empathic. I feel senses and energies with my intuition. And I channel highly evolved beings, ancient civilization beings that you can't see in your natural eye, unless you have another gift that you could see beyond that in the invisible realm kind of thing.

If that makes any sense, you know, cause I've heard growing up, you know, I saw my grandmother who passed. You know, when to [00:04:00] call them goes through just souls. Just people are able to see them better than myself, but I feel them

?: Okay. Got it.

at it's

Kim: mind blowing, but going through what I've experienced, I just finally said, okay, this is probably my purpose and mission and why I came, you know, in order to help other. And it started to make sense. It's like I'm on a constant transformational journey, constantly changing better my mind. The way I think, the way I feel and then recognizing history and science and spirituality is all connected.

?: Absolutely.

Kim: And we can learn so much of our history of, oh my God, I see history repeating itself, just different timeframe. How do we stop repeating the cycle, the pattern. So I awaken people by what I [00:05:00] study and research, and then I just educate and awaken them. And then on an individual basis, you know, the limited beliefs, the mental programmings, the emotional energetic.

Traumas. If you think about it, it's being a woman. Okay. When you're pregnant, whatever you're feeling and emotion and energy that you are creating from your own experience, guess what the baby that you're carrying is experiencing the same thing. No, let me go deeper. You were in your mother's womb. Your mother was in her room and let's go back in time, all that stuff, capes carrying over.

And you wonder why you're attracting certain things, experiencing certain things. [00:06:00] You see where I'm going?

?: Yeah. So it's like a genetic energy.


Kim: It's not hereditary. It's just an emotional, energetic trauma. That's been passed down for generations. And once you discover and connect the dots to the root of what your issue is, boom gone.

Cause then you having God realization of, oh my God. Now I know where this comes from. Okay. How do I.

Will: So, and I.

guess that comes in line with like past life regression therapy and that kind of stuff, where you recognize a problem that you've had in a previous life that has manifested itself in this one. And by identifying it, it tends to clear it. Well, I'm going to tell you it didn't work for me.

Kim: I knew identify it, but then it gives you an opportunity to, okay. It didn't work last time. What can I do to change it to where I don't have to repeat it. [00:07:00] It's not so much how you, how you react. Well, if it didn't work out before, well, how did you react to it when it presented itself to you again? And then.

Okay, what can I do differently? Not react, but respond in a better way. That's more positive because then you change your mindset. You change the energy from your emotion and then a different result.

Will: Well then this gives me an opportunity to kind of clear something up with the audience. If you heard the past life regression session that I did with the unbelievable Lee or Leone that we released out a few weeks ago. You heard some things that I was not able to connect the dots. So this gives me an opportunity to connect, connect the dots for the audience and an ask you a question at the same time that that pertains to what you were just talking about.

In my past life regression, it turns out at one, at one point in time, I had a family that couldn't protect

I was the one [00:08:00] constant and every one that I was. That was in my family had either died or been sold to slavery. I was unable to save them. Now on this life, I have found here's where I'm connecting the dots for the audience.

I have found that I'm an over-protective parent in a pretty massive way become massive. Right. Well, you know, but then it makes sense, right? Because now I have this genetic. Memory that says to me, I have to do everything I can to protect my daughter to no way I'm going to let anything happen to her this time around and that wasn't aware of it until I went back to my past life regression and realize it.

And now I've connected those dots. Now, when I say that it didn't work for me I I've connected the dots, but I find myself still just as over-protective as I was before my past life regression. So what, what's the missing piece?

?: you're holding

Kim: onto guilt

?: and grief.


Kim: Reef of not [00:09:00] being able to protect those that you love. You're, you're actually, that's the emotional, energetic trauma,

?: oh boy,

Will: that makes sense. It might make sense, but how do you let go?

Kim: from it. So it's like, I'm speaking truth. When I hear truth, I feel it.


you've been holding on

to that fear and that guilt is so overwhelming from that lap, that past life. And you carried it into this life. So are you got to do, as you say, you know what,

?: thank

Kim: you. I now realize that was then. This is now, and I release you.

You no longer serve a purpose in this lifetime, in my lifetime now, but thank you. And just bless.

Will: [00:10:00] Well, if you have not had a chance to listen to the past eye progression episode, I urge you to go back and listen to it and then reach out to us. And let me know if that resonates with you. With something that maybe you have gone through I'll tell you, Casey, that really resonates with me now in a very strong way.

I do, you know, when you go to therapy and you talk talking to therapist and they say, oh, well this is what you're going through. And it like, it clicks and it feels like, yep. That is the answer. It does feel right now that you're telling me what my, my answer is. It makes a lot of sense. So.

?: I'm just speaking to your soul.

Karen: That might also be the reason for you to self-sabotage. If you've had this guilt that you're carrying with you, you feel like you don't deserve, you know, the life or whatever that you have. So you sabotage it. I am

Will: getting chills right now.

?: There's the truth.

Karen: This podcast a while ago, you'd have been fixed. Casey,

Will: where have you been all my life for crying out loud.

I needed your help. I need, you know, all the, all the years and all the dollars I spent on [00:11:00] therapy and I could've just gone to you for crying out loud.

Kim: Well, because I connect neuroscience and the emotional, energetic traumas from my own experience and my own spiritual awakening, the, because I asked a question and started questioning everything and it's ongoing. It never stops. And it just it's mind blowing. So I take a little bit, and then I share it just like I did what we just went through.

Perfect example. That's what I do. look at things and feel things in a different perspective in order to help you heal so you can transform and become the better version of yourself

?: and you can live your best life now.

have you always had these

Karen: gifts or is it something that developed later and you've fine tuned or have you just

?: always knew.


Kim: I've had an inner knowing sense as a tiled, but I know, like in my [00:12:00] teens, I started having visions and dreams that like three days later, or a week later, two weeks later, it happened in a similar way. So that was like a little freaky. Then I started going through other transformations and I guess that the awakening of seeing feeling and even speaking, and then it just keeps getting more like it went from, I recognize a native American language and then.

I'm now learning to discern the masculine energy and the feminine energy and my whole body just trans, if you could see, like, oh, she looks like a masculine kind of, or she looks like a woman the way her posture is. And so I'm starting to recognize that, but if you ask me how to, you know, to [00:13:00] translate it, I haven't gotten to that part yet because when I channel.

It's intense. It's like somebody's taking a taser gun to me and just turning the volume based on the frequency and the vibrations that I deal with with these beings. Some of them are celestial angelic, highly evolved, like extra terrestrial and then ancient. So it's, it's, it's wild and crazy and fascinating to me.

Will: So you're just a conduit for all kinds of stuff.

?: Yeah.

Will: Is it on all the time or can you, do you invite it in? Do you, do you take a minute and go, okay. I'm ready to take some questions now or is it just constantly being bombarded at you?

Kim: It's well, when I have conversations with my higher self and then my spirit guides are always around me. I have like three of them. And I just start talking to [00:14:00] them, like, I'm talking to my best friend and I'm like, Hey, what's going on with this? And I, and I have to make a habit to bring a journal with me, but I get into this like intense conversation and I forget to grab a pad and I just I've learned like the yes and no questions.

It's better. Sometimes I do hear some words or I'll get an image. And I'm like, oh, okay. And then a lot of times I'm like, what in the world? What are you? I don't, I don't understand. What are you talking about? Wait, hold up. You know, kind of thing. So.

Will: I feel like that would be my, my constant reality. If I were a year, maybe I would be saying that all the time. What do you TA what? No, what I

Karen: see it now, I would want to know, like, how do You know those are spirit guides? I would think I was just losing it. If it was

?: me, I would be like, oh

Kim: You we're all spiritual beings, we're sexual beings [00:15:00] instead of a human beat. And from what I've learned, there is the connection, even from ancient times from Egypt about the spiritual aspect and the sexual aspect in connected. Inside a human being. So it's you learn based on who you are and recognizing things that, okay, this doesn't make sense, but it will later I've launched it just

?: trust and I'm

Kim: protected.

Like you have to have faith and believe like, okay, I don't quite understand what I'm experienced, but I know there's a reason and I'm just going to trust and you got to connect to that greater intelligence, that divine essence that you already have in you.

Will: See, that's where I start falling [00:16:00] down because that blind faith thing to me just doesn't work. I need something to say, tap me on the shoulder and go, Hey, I'm your spirit guide, right? I don't, it's hard for me to just drop the, can you.

prove it to me? Attitude and. Except, which is, I understand why I haven't had these experiences and things like that.

Like most people I'm not open to them because I need that proof, right. That three-dimensional physical, tangible proof, but.

Kim: Well, let me ask you a simple world. Do you see numbers like in pairs three digits every now and then

Will: Ah,

Karen: I can answer that

Will: I sounds like someone's been stalking my Instagram. I do, actually. I see for a long time, 11, 11 followed me everywhere. Like everywhere.

Kim: that is very significant because that's how they're trying to communicate with. So when you start recognizing, and then go do [00:17:00] numerology, I've had experts on my show that study numerology, and it goes back in ancient times as well. It's a way that they try to communicate. And then they'll, it's like, they're nudging.

You pay attention to these numbers and that's a baby step. So when you

?: good with baby steps.

Kim: so, okay. So there've been trying to communicate with you with numbers. So start okay. When you see that number, whatever number it is that you're, that's popping out at, you say, okay, I don't understand what you're trying to communicate with me, but I'll look into that.

And then. You know, and then that it's a slow gradual, like, okay, because they're on the other side going, when is he going to get it? You know, we're trying to, and then like, okay, I 11, 11, and then you start researching talk out loud because they'll hear [00:18:00] you, even in your thoughts when you're talking in your thoughts, say, okay, 11, 11, and then say, okay, I don't quite understand what you mean by this.

I need more clarity.

Will: everyone knows that I'm a chicken shit and make everyone knows I'm a chicken shit. So there is a, you don't have to nod. So enthusiastically, Karen, I'm agreeing with you. I'm supporting. Thank you. You're so supportive. So yes, I'm a big chicken shit. And there was a time where. The numbers I kept seeing was 11 30, 4, 11 34, 11 34, 11 34.

And one time I turned my head and suddenly realized, oh God, 11 30, 4 backwards spells out hell. So I promptly said, I am not ever going to pay attention to numbers again. So I don't know what were the 20 to tell me something by giving me the hell numbers.

Kim: Okay, so here it is, you got 11, which is a master of. [00:19:00] Because it goes from 11, 11 and 22 is master numbers. So 11 could go into two. Then you got three and four, which is seven at two and seven equals nine. Now go and study what 11 master number is, what the two is then three and four seventh and nine, because what it is is it's.

Which is a mass number, which is very significant and symbolic, and ain't got 34, 2 7, 9, 9 is a significant number. Like everyone's going through based on your birthday and this year, because every year changes. So, so does your season and your numerology and what you can anticipate in the. Of that year, like mine is okay.

9 11, [00:20:00] 20, 22.

?: It's

Kim: eight for me. So I'll go and look and study eight and what it represents a numerology. So I can one get knowledge and understanding and maybe insight of the seasons that I'm going, that I'm going through for this.

Will: Okay. So you're saying that we need to find a numerologist, which is something I've been trying to do for a long time, actually, and have not found the right person to talk to you yet, but I will find them and I will get them on the show.

Kim: Numbers. Even our biochemistry.

Will: Okay.

 How is it possible that a number can affect, I guess this is a question we should ask numerologists but I'm curious because we're on a topic now. How can a number affect things in your life that have no bearing on

?: numbers?

Maybe it just reflects them.

Kim: It's okay. We're all connected to the earth, the planet, the universe, and all of that. Now. They go in cycles, too, how they [00:21:00] orbit 30 days for the moon, you know, and the sun and whatnot. So see where the numbers come in and then you picked a certain day, month, and year to come into this earth. Even what time of day am PM.

See how number is connected.

Karen: And you said something about three, six and nine, and that's almost my birthday. My birthday is seven three six nine, and everybody knows

?: how old I am.

Kim: I but it is we're connected to everything, including numbers, you get insight. And then there is like positive and negatives. Good and bad. There are some negative aspects with the numbers too, based on, you know, your name speaks volumes

Will: Yeah.

Kim: with the patterns and pattern Tim pathogen. I can't even pronounce it right now. Oh my God. It's been a long way. But yeah, [00:22:00] and it goes back in ancient history that they use that. I think it was back in the Roman times, if I'm not mistaken that they did that

?: with people's names.

Will: do you use all these things? I know you mentioned you were emotionally intuitive. Do you use numerology and past life regressions and things like that too, to be able to guide the people that come to you for guidance, or is it strictly more of a channeled information?

Kim: well, right now I've been coming out of the closet of what I do

when I channel. And I have a small like group inner circle group that knows me that understands. What I'm doing. And I have one person that now can, she could translate, but it comes in the best [00:23:00] way I could describe it as like they're speaking too fast and me trying to get it all to translate. It's like, they're up here in their frequency and I'm hearing this frequency and it trying to communicate like the waves of a radio station, trying to cut like fine tune it.

That's what it's like. So now I'm just like, okay, I have to be bold and start doing it. It's just, I don't know when that I have a feeling I'm going to be doing it in some aspect of my show. I just I'm intuitively just, okay. Just do this from now, but get ready. And I'm like, okay.

Will: it is,

fascinating, incredibly fascinating, but what tools do you use currently if it's not channeling and, and I understand what you're saying, it sounds like it as a trans channel that you actually, you're not a conscious channel that you actually go into

Kim: Tran

Will: and [00:24:00] information comes out.

Kim: out. They step in, they speak their message and there's some scaring that goes on for. What I've experienced in helping other people they're shock Rez. They felt something move and shifting their shakras or pain went away and I was like, okay, well, I guess I did what I was supposed to do.

And I just like, there you go. You know, it's I sometimes. When I do a reading, they will come in and give little messages. And then I use my taro cards and I have different ones. Like I have the goddess power, Oracle the mythical shaman, Oracle, and the star seed Oracles. So it's just what I feel led to.

To use whatever I feel led to do energy work, you know, it's, it's, it's above doing

?: Reiki

Will: Yeah.

Kim: because I could do it virtual and I could just [00:25:00] feel okay. I didn't have this pain over here. Right back shoulders. So what is this stemming from? Does it belong to them and why? What happened? Like I go through that. I become the researcher and investigator to get to the root so I can help them.

Will: Interesting. In preparation for our interview, I did a little bit of research on you and from what I uncovered Your, and I don't know how much you want to get into this and we can certainly gloss over it. But you had some difficulties yourself starting with childhood and going into adulthood that put you on this path.

Right? So you're speaking from a position of personal experience that sparked your spiritual weakening, which now you are then utilizing to try to help others to spark there's. Can you share with us what happened at what point did, did that shift, that light switch, come on and go. I've got to help [00:26:00] other people.

Kim: To share with your audience. You know, I, even to childhood, I was bullied, you know, I've been to every form of abuse from, you know, being bullied, the, the emotional, mental, verbal I've been sexually abused, financially, abused, spiritually abused, all of that.

Will: I'm sorry to hear that. First of all.

Kim: Well, it's, it's fine because, you know, I gained wisdom.

Will: Molded you into who you are now.

Kim: Well, it gave me the opportunity to experience it because if I didn't experience, I wouldn't know any better. That's how I look at it. So I don't blame. I don't judge. I'm like, okay, well, I didn't like that experience, so I don't want to experience that ever again. And then. It you gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

And then I could put myself in anybody's shoes that have, has experienced any of that kind of abuse. And I could show compassion because I [00:27:00] understand where they're coming from, but now I can say, Hey, you don't have to stay in that. The guilt, the shame, all of that been there, done that, seen the movie, got the t-shirt and burned it.

A couple of.

Will: Now you mentioned early on about having chosen the day in time that you were born and all that kind of.

stuff. There's a school of thought that says that we actually choose everything that happens to us as well. Do you subscribe to that thought process?

?: Well,

Kim: when I was in my self form and out in the universe, galaxy whatever in my soul form and with. Creator of all the essence of that. We just had a conversation and like, okay, what do we want to do now? Well, I'm going to experience this. I want to be this color. I want to have east parents and go through all this.

Yeah. To a degree. I can understand that

?: because we've been around [00:28:00] thousands of years.

Kim: And there's so much more to experience. That's why we came here is to experience life.

?: And there's no,

Kim: honestly it doesn't matter what gender, what race, what color? We're all gods and goddesses experiencing life learning, growing, expanding.

Will: to take it a step further, then Some people would say that that not only did you choose what you chose when you were in the soul, your soul form, but you specifically. Brought these experiences to you because there were things that you had to learn yet to experience, to get beyond in order to get you to the point where you can help others to your point, because you've been there, done that and burned a couple of them along the way.

So that's why I'm asking if you. Subscribed to that thought process because you went through some very difficult, very difficult challenges and you've come out on the other [00:29:00] side, thankfully, but those are hard things to swallow. So why would someone, why does someone, why do we have to experience all this hardship in order to reach awakening?

Why can't they just be like, Hey, we're just here to have.

?: Well,

Kim: I believe like a lot of us don't even realize about some of the limited beliefs, the mental programmings and the emotional energetic traumas. Like when I started realizing some of that was because on, you know, in my family, there was physical abuse in my ancestry, and then I attracted. Like, I, I, I'm not sure if I wanted to experience everything or was I, that energy passed down to me for being an abusive, you know, relationship because I wind up marrying two individuals, men that were very [00:30:00] abusive.

?: Hmm.

Kim: You know, my second marriage, I got to the point, where is this? All there is to life. if this is it, I don't want to be here,

?: you

Kim: know? And there are some religion aspect that I just did not resonate with. And I was like, be submissive to your husband. I'm like, well, wait a minute. What if he beats the shit out of me?

What I'm supposed to stay submissive? That doesn't, it did not sit well. It just did not feel right or true. So I was like, well, you know what I'm done with religion? And if there is an essence of a higher whatever, God, then you

?: show me

Kim: the grass is greener on the other side, then I want to know. And that's when that that's when my journey stuff. Like I started seeing things and recognizing things and like, oh my God, wait, what? Oh oh, that's makes so much sense. I know it, you know, kind of thing.

Will: Right. We talk about it so often about the spiritual rebirth is [00:31:00] so any kind of birth is so messy, so difficult, challenging. It's ugly. It's. Tough, but at the end of it all, it, it, there is a huge payout.

Karen: Do you think it always, it seems like most of our guests that we speak to talk about some sort of suffering that happened before they had this awakening.

Do you think it always has to be around suffering or

?: couldn't

Kim: necessarily. I don't, you know, I think that's just like the program in the belief, you know, especially in that coming from the religious aspect. Oh, we're. The misconceptions about you're born, a center is bullshit. I'm sorry, it's not. And then that passes on down. You see what I'm saying?

?: So

Kim: it, it really messes up with your, you know, your, your mind and expanding it and understanding you get so. Consumed by all those beliefs and programmings.

Will: Well, [00:32:00] it's making a heck of a lot of sense to me. Sadly, .

Karen: Totally not even to do with what we're talking about now. And it's just a very kind of selfish question, but I'm just curious

you had said earlier that you can see people and you can see their energy, whether it's masculine or feminine and women that

?: I

Kim: feel

Karen: feminine energy, or you feel it.

So I'm wondering if, can you feel either like either more

?: masculine or feminine from me

Kim: when the spirits are around and they come in and channel through me, that's when I.

?: Okay.

Karen: Gotcha. So it's kind of up to them. It's not necessarily up to you to just look and

?: decide.


Kim: It's like when I opened up myself and I'm like, okay. And sometimes they'll get my intention and I'll get hit. I'm like, okay.

What's going on, you know, and I'm looking around going or looking at the person, I'm like, oh, you have a message for them, don't you. And then I get a hit and I'm like, okay.

So then I just open up that, Hey, I have a [00:33:00] message for you, but I'm not sure if you're gonna understand it. But are you willing and open to receiving it? Whatever it is. And they're like, yeah, sure. Why not? And I'm like, okay, here we go. Be ready. And then I just go through it and they're like, oh my gosh, I don't understand a word you said, but I felt that, that, that, that, that, that, that, and I'm like, well, there you go.

You don't have to understand. It just went to your spirit. Your so, and that's all that matters.

Will: All right. Well,

You had mentioned earlier. That you have your own show. And I would be remiss if we didn't at least touch on it because we started very early on. When you said wake up with Casey and people are in the audience going, what is that? I thought she was something else.

So can you tell us about your show? What is about how can people find it? Things like that?

Kim: Well, I'm on every podcast and this is what got me when the pandemic. Around October was going on in [00:34:00] 2020. I felt like, okay, now it's time. And I'm like, okay. Time for me to do what I have my show, what are we doing? You know? And I went to Connecticut school of broadcasting to update my. And then boom, I started a podcast.

I'm like, okay, this is what we're doing. All right. And then it expanded in my second season. I think, I believe I started the virtual aspect. So both, and it is wake up with Casey, wake up to new concepts, new perspectives of what, if everything that we were taught to believe was alive. Whereas there's misconception about who we are.

So I'm getting ready to start. My fourth season, March 7th, 2022 with a whole new look, finally found my logo, got my website, everything, my opener for the virtual aspect of it. That's connected to [00:35:00] YouTube for right now. And I'm just, I keep going and I find like-minded individuals and experts. That understand how the misconception, I get people I'm starting to look for people that are experts in ancient history the ancient civilization science, and even, you know, more spirituality kind of concepts.

And then I have people that, you know, some are average. And some are celebrities. And I just go through what, you know, their transformation, you know, even the history of our legend actors and actresses, you know, what did they do to reinvent themselves? How are they doing? What are they doing now? You know, what did they realize being in the industry?

So I'm very like an open book when I talk to people and I just, I love talking to people and, you know, find out what did you learn about this and how was this experience in. It's very [00:36:00] insightful transformational. It has all the aspects, you know, and getting to understand people that are.

Will: Karen knows that I am a podcast junkie. So I'm going to subscribe to your show because I'm really curious, especially when you talk about what is. Everything we've been told is not real and who we are is not really who we think we are because that topic fascinates me. . We'll then Casey, if someone wanted to reach out to you to get some help or to just connect with you and have a conversation, what's the best way for someone to.

Kim: Wake up with Casey, the letter K and the letter

Will: All right. We're going to put that in the show notes so that if you want to connect to KC, all you need to do is go to skeptic, Go to our episode page. Go-to Casey's episode and you'll see all direct links directly on there. We're going to put your social media platforms on there, your website links on there [00:37:00] and your email address so that people can reach out to you.

Casey, there's one thing, one final word of encouragement and wisdom you wanted to impart to our audience. What might that be?

Kim: The truth is inside you within you

and let it be revealed.

Will: See now you are speaking my language because if you hear the intro to the show, we are like Mulder and Scully, but we say, they keep saying the truth is out there. You're saying the truth is in here. Is a perfect message. That's probably what we're trying to get out there more than anything else. So, Casey, thank you so much.

This has been really, truly wonderful experience talking to you. You are a fascinating person thanks again for coming on.

Kim: Thank you for having me. It was a pleasure and honor, and I'm truly grateful for this experience with you.

?: Well, the honor is ours.

Will: Well that wraps it up for this episode of the skeptic metaphysicians listener. Thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery with us. Again, don't forget. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram under [00:38:00] at skeptic metaphysician as always, if you know someone that would benefit from hearing the messages we've shared on the show or any of our others, I hope you'll consider sharing us with that person.

It will help grow the show and may just help someone else come to terms with the fact that we're so much more than just this three-dimensional body that we'd have it. Listening to this episode on the radio and miss anything, not to worry all of our shows, including this one can be found on our site.

Skeptic, Don't forget that you can become a member of the skeptic metaphysician community for free there and enjoy the added benefits of discounts for services from some of our past guests, as well as a chance to never miss a show or an announcement immediately. Once it's been published, we hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we.

That's all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysicians until then take care.

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Kimberley Chapman

Kimberley Chapman

Kimberley Chapman is an Emotional Intuitive Transmedium Life Transformational Coach. Her mission and purpose is to awaken, educate, evolve, and transform human beings to be their best self and live their best life now. She discusses the misconceptions of who we are and how limited beliefs, mental programming, and even emotional energetic traumas hinder us from being our true authentic selves and living our best life now. She also talks about History, Science, and Spirituality as well. Her mission and purpose is to awaken, educate, evolve others, so they can transform their life and become the best version of themselves and live their best life now.