A Former Intelligence Agent's View on Metaphysics | Justin Recla

Does the government know that metaphysics is real but actively trying to downplay the significance of the spiritual awakenings that so many people are undergoing? Is psychic ability, ESP, remote viewing and other such modalities something that the government has been researching for decades? Former intelligence agent and army veteran Justin Recla joins us to discuss this and so many other topics.

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"At the end of the day, the only thing worth exploring is your own consciousness and your relationship to the divine, whatever that looks like for you." --Justin Recla

Some topics covered:

  • Raising consciousness the right way
  • How to offset the lower vibrations of the mass media
  • What's the difference between remote viewing and astral projection
  • What was "Project Stargate"
  • How working for the government helped provide validity to his search in metaphysics
  • What does the government believe The Matrix (no, not the movies) is and how do they leverage it?
  • How you can stop seeing the world through the eyes of a victim
  • How religion influenced his metaphysical belief system
  • Whats the best way to start your own metaphysical search
  • How the power of belief influences your ability to develop "superpowers"....and should you?
  • The reality behind the concept of hell
  • How to reconcile religious beliefs with metaphysics
  • The 2 rules (and only 2) that Jesus gave usAnd so much more!

About our Guest:
Justin Recla is an Army veteran and former counterintelligence agent. He and his family (Justin, Tonya and Neva Lee Recla) are considered the first family of inspired personal development and live their lives as a testament to the power of synergy, love and communion with God. Justin’s message is simple: help others, do things better and have self-dominion in everything you do!

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Will: [00:00:00] Justin Recla is an army veteran and former counter-intelligence agent.

Now he's a chief operating officer and what I'd like to call the chief. Oh, the superpower experts. It's a network of programming that focuses on personal development, spirituality and inspiration, and his message. Simple help others do things better and have self dominion in everything that you do. Welcome back to another episode of the skeptic metaphysician.


Will: Don't be sad cause I'm sad enough for all of us. I am flying solo again today. Karen, not with us at [00:01:00] this time,

justin, I could not be more excited to have you on the show. Thanks for coming

Justin: on. Thanks for having me on. I I look forward to the conversation.

Will: Me too. I need to ask first and foremost, right off the bat. Super power. Experts. What, what

Justin: does that mean? Exactly? Quite the, quite the backstory on super power experts.

For those that don't know, my wife and I are. Former counter intelligence agents with the us government. And we like to joke around, it's like, we're here from the government and we're like, we're here to tell you that super powers are real. But it's, it's really superpowers was the, essentially the, the spiritual guidance that was given through Titania when we left government When we left government, we had stepped out in the world when we started our own corporate counterintelligence firm doing background checks, risk mitigation, and due diligence for B2B transactions.

But along the way we found ourselves coach. Other people, CEOs and so forth in, in helping them stand in their own dominion. So essentially they didn't [00:02:00] have to hire our firm because we were empowering them to do exactly what we were doing for them. As a service while we were happy to take their money, we were really more focused on wanting to bring about change and get people to think about business differently.

But along the way that created a The coaching platform that was just originally just Tonja and I, we called ourselves personal power experts. And after the fact we learned that Tony Robbins is actually got the uh, copyright on for all things, personal power. And so we it was timely when Tony got the information, like she literally had a a Coleen.

She she's like, what are we doing here? And she just went, she turned to the divine and turned to prayer. And the next thing she heard was superpower. And she's like, okay, but what why? And it was, she was given the guidance to help awaken the masses and superpowers was just how it came about. And yeah, we actually [00:03:00] talk about real life superpowers, mind reading, psychic ability, intuition, empathy in, in some cat, two levels stuff that, that just came through.

Her body of work from being a social scientist and understanding people and in group out group dynamics and everything that, that we also did as an, as agents we've encompassed into our platform. And so it's been birthed as superpowers and super power experts. And the superpower network is a collaborative coaching model because we recognize we don't have all the answers.

And so we, we do it with the team. We, we, we broadcast our network out at a frequency. That's designed to offset the lower vibrations of mass media. And we recognize that when you, we can work together and collaborate with one another. Coming together in this person hits their circle. This person hits their circle working together.

We're we're, we're, we're having an impact.

Will: So I love the fact that you just said it's [00:04:00] counter-programming to the mass media, because I mean, that's, that's really what, when I'm looked at your website and looked at your programs, you're you really are focused in. Raising consciousness, helping society wake up to the realities of, of why we're here, spirituality, whatever you want to call it.

And a lot of the shows are very specific to a certain modalities and. Your whole family's in involved in this, right? It's not just you and your, your, your partner, but your daughter is also part of it. It also, right?

Justin: Yeah. Our, our daughter uh, he able to be reckless. She's been been in business since she was two.

When Tony and I left government, we made a pact that we weren't gonna do anything. Would not allow her to participate. And so we were very selective in where we participated in. We're very blessed to have found several business communities that we, we were became a part of and, and started mentoring that and teaching that.

And she said in [00:05:00] all the classes, she, she just absorbed things. She got to learn from people like Bob Proctor and Les brown and Bernie Dorman, and some really powerhouses in the personal development field. Encompassed around this business concept. And I love it. She recently just did an interview on ABC news and she said that, you know, she uses business as of helping make an impact on people's lives.

And you know, we're very blessed that it's not just that Tony and I helped raise her, but we had a good community that helped us do it and she she's 12 and she oversees our internship program and. Overseas two of our production teams for, for the network as well. And she's also a coach. She does a parent care period parent mentoring and as part of our look, our community membership she's doing a program, a monthly program called a kid clarity where parents can come talk to her and get some insights from a kid's perspective on how to build a managed relationship with their [00:06:00] own kids.

Will: Wow. That is fantastic. First and foremost, the fact that you've got a 12 year old, who is self-aware enough to be able to provide insight in that, at that level too, to do adults who are grownups, but also they say that kids are a lot closer to the the, the veil, the mysteries of life. Right? So it's, it's super intuitive, but not a lot of people pull the trigger, so to speak on having their children.

Kind of help them along on the spiritual journey. When, in essence, when you hear all the time that kids see spirits, they talked to her imaginary friends who people are saying are actually spirits or spirit guides. They're much more psychic than, than grownups because life gets in the way. So, has she exhibited a lot of these things?

Justin: Well, like you said, kids are so more closely aligned with the divine, the university of spirit, whatever you want to call it.

I know on our abilities as humans, [00:07:00] right. And what's possible When I was growing up, I had a lot of abilities that I didn't know what they were or how they were or what they were, why the, why I was seeing things. When I was hearing things, I would seek it. I would see dead people. I would see ghost.

And, and I had all these things and my parents, God bless him, you know, did the best they could. And I think this is the case with a lot of people nowadays, is that. You just don't know what you just don't know. And I had no framework and my parents weren't religious enough or weren't spiritual enough to be able to understand it.

And so I got the typical response of it's all in your head. Right. And 20 years later, they apologized to me because they started to, as they continued on their own personal development, their own journey and understanding of how things work, they started seeing and experiencing some of the things that I saw as a kid and later learned that the house that I grew up in was, was a hospice home where people went to die.

So it all kind of like made sense and they were [00:08:00] able to see it. They apologized, but with nivo. I knew that we had an opportunity to do something different and to tackle it head on and Tony and I, and through our own experiences, through our own understanding of the human psyche and how and why we function and all of that decided to nurture.

Rather than then tell her it was on her head or put it into a box over here. We, we helped her explore that because it's a very young age. She saw things. She had some the same abilities that, that, that I had. And so rather than leave her alone to try to figure it out, I would play in it with. And we would come into the room and she'd been having full-blown conversations with people and play with her toys.

And we asked who she's talking to and she's like the white people, they were glowing light. Right. That's how she described them. They're they're glowing white, the white people. [00:09:00] She was talking to angels and, and having conversations with them and it became natural for her. And as she evolved into who she is today, she's got a better understanding of how all that works and why that works and how such abilities are.

Tools for us to better understand ourself. Right. It really doesn't matter what modality you play in or what you call it, but it's worth exploring. So we better understand those concepts and she's mastered it. And she's 12 and she's integrated a lot of the stuff and she still has experiences in seasonings and stuff, but not to the point of scary, but to the point.

Inquiry, not for the why is this happening to me? It's scary, but why is this happening for me to explore? What does it mean for herself?

Will: That that is, that's truly amazing. I think to your point, most people will immediately run to the fear aspect of it. Like, oh, why is this happening to me? When in essence [00:10:00] especially kids.

I don't think they're afraid for the most part, unless they're taught to be afraid. And that's, that's where we've gone wrong because we've learned over, I don't know how many years to fear the unknown. The mass media starts feeding us all the stories of the, the hauntings and the horror stories and stuff.

So we, we developed this fear and we pass it on to our kids. So it's, it's amazing. And I'll say it again. That you had the forethought to say no, this, this is an opportunity for us to, to involve our daughter in something that, that makes perfect sense. Now taking a look, but if you're, if you're only listening to the show, you're not watching on your.

You're only getting half the story because Justin does not like you do not embody the typical when someone says this, this person is spiritual or goes along the seized spirits or channels, or they don't necessarily think of someone that looks.

 What do you consider yourself? What are your superpowers?

Justin: I, I have a couple of, one of, one of my most powerful superpowers is, is[00:11:00] something that I've, that I've dubbed intelligence, transference.

I I'm able to take. This information over here of what somebody puts into or describes as this modality. And I'm able to overlay it and translate it into. Other things that people can identify with in, in how it's received. So oftentimes when we, when we talk about something, if it's not in a vernacular or in a construct we're familiar with people will we'll shut it.

Or they'll, they'll, they'll turn away from it. They don't, they don't understand it. They don't want to attempt to understand it. I have the ability to be able to take information and translate it and filter it down to where it can be. Consumed by people at a level, which makes sense for them which has worked out really well business wise because my wife Tonia, she, she operates in.

The abstract. She is in up in the ether community with God and bringing forth information that [00:12:00] I get. I make sense. Cause I've been on the journey with her for so long and together we've been able to translate that information to where people understand it and it's, it's very high vibe. And you're right.

I don't look like the typical the typical woo spiritual guy. You know, I tend to people either get, feel intimidated by me or curious, you know, I go to get the oil, change the car at the car dealership. I didn't tell you for driving a minivan, you know, and I step out of it, but then you engage a conversation.

It's like, oh, it's not the biker look, it's not easy. You know, it's not big and scary. It's, it's, there's a, I'm very, I'm very certain that I was given the slip for very particular reason that I looked the way that I do. So I can introduce some of these concepts that we're delivering to the world of the body of work that we call superpowers and, and share that with others.

I [00:13:00] think it's inviting to some, to recognize that, you know what, you can be a man, you can be masculine. But at the end of the day, the only thing worth exploring is your own consciousness and your relationship to the divine, whatever that looks like for you. It's only worthwhile, which are that we are, that we have on this planet.

And I think that's why I look the way I do. So people go, you know what? That guy can do it then than I can do it.

Will: Yeah. Yeah. Great point. We've been told time and time again, you can't judge a book by its cover and all that kind of stuff. This, this is good. Everybody.

It doesn't matter what you look like, what color your skin, whether you're male or female, this is all stuff that we're all going through. Right? We're all going through this spiritual awakening and it doesn't matter who you are. It just means you, right. It's you too, right? It's not, it's not the other guy or the other girl, it's you.

And no matter what you look like or how you live, this is important stuff to get through. So. You [00:14:00] speak our counter-intelligence agent. So I've got to ask the question because I'm sure you've gotten it a thousand times. Do you know all the secrets?

Justin: You know, if I would, I probably wouldn't be able to be here talking with you. Right. But let me assure you, this is part of the, part of the reason why we ended up breaking off and doing our own thing.

And what we eventually left government was at the time Tony and I were. Civilians where our careers as agents were done, but we were now contractors uh, serving as teachers and we were training new agents and putting them into the field between Tony and I, that we, Trump probably changed trained four or 5,000 agents that we put into the field over, over the, over the six or seven years that we were there together.

And. At one point in time, the military had come to Teutonia to ask her to write a critical thinking class because her, because she had a master's degree, she joined the military when she was 27 with a master's degree and had had studied in, in things like critical thinking and so forth in the military had [00:15:00] recognized that, you know what, there's time, it's time for us to do things differently.

We need to start training critical thinking to our agents. And in that it was a five day course. And we taught things like in group out group dynamics, ego deconstruction, right? Disc theory you know, NLP, all the things that were tools that are designed to help us understand who we are because in the field as an agent, if your ego gets in the way.

You're either going to get yourself killed or you're going to get your source killed and you're going to fail the mission. Right? And so we were teaching them how to come into a level of their own self-awareness. And that was at that point in time that Tony and I kind of realized, wow, this is bigger than us, that you can't just share this with them.

We have to take this out to the world. And that's what started our entrepreneurial journey. But along the way, we worked with some really cool people. I don't know if you're familiar with it or not. And I've talked about this before in the past and other shows but projects. [00:16:00] Was that a class, it was a classified program that the government used.

It was a remote viewing program that the government was using remote views or viewers to pinpoint locations of Russian subs off the coast of Cuba. During the height of the cold war, we actually worked with some of the very first remote viewers that were part of that program. They were teaching at a counterintelligence special agents course.

And through that, through my own. Desire to better understand I've been, I've been seeking my entire life. I've been in and out of you know, studying different religions. I've I've, you know, and understanding religion and how that works and spirituality combined with the metaphysical. And I studied all of that.

And then here I was. With the government, alongside people who had taking, taking the metaphysical and we're using it as a tool for, for the military. So it had substance for me. And so I dove in even further, I studied [00:17:00] things like tarot cards and remote viewing. I studied all of that and saw that, oh, wow, this is, this is bigger.

And so that combined with. What we were teaching in the personal development space, the, the human psyche of understanding what makes us tick and connection with the spirituality and the metaphysical. That's kind of like what describes what superpowers are. All of that wrapped into one to serve one purpose, to bring people into their own consciousness and awareness of who they are and remind them of that and who they are the world.


Will: Project Stargate. I think it was I've I've, I've heard it called something else, but it were, you privy to. Remote viewing experiments. Like, were you, did you see it happen

Justin: to no, I I've experienced it myself. I came, I came into a cadet by the time project Stargate got shut down.

I think it was in the mid seventies, early seventies, but the gentleman that report. [00:18:00] And we're contributing to that program. It actually ended up going on to create their own course, their own remote viewing course. And so I studied some of the information they shared with me. They shared with a couple of other instructors that were, were interested in such things.

And so I learned how to remote view in, in the military, his version of remote viewing requires requires two people, a viewer, and the recorder. To record the events there's, there's different modalities, remote viewing with the method that the military use. At least the ones that I was shown in Todd were very specific for very detailed reasons and so forth.

But I wasn't, unfortunately I'm not that I'm, I'm a little bit young for the visual of it participated in Stargate itself, but. The fact that, you know, for me, it was the fact that the government was exploring such things, gave validity validity to, to the metaphysical that allowed me to want in, you know what I mean?

It [00:19:00] gave me the the opportunity to dive into those even more. Right. Right. Makes sense.

Will: Now what's, what's the difference between remote viewing and astral projection or are the same thing?

Justin: My understanding of astral projection is, is that astral projection is actually Lexi. Taking in going somewhere with your spirit, your energy and so forth.

Whereas remote viewing is your just looking at things. And the way it was explained to me is, is the concept of the matrix, the idea of the matrix, the movie, the matrix, and so forth. It's got a lot of different routes, but the term is. From what I understand actually originated a project Stargate because they used the term, the matrix as the energetic field, the grid, the energetic grid that surrounds the earth and allows remote viewers to tap into, to be able to go and transfer different places.

And so the term, the matrix for my understanding at least originated from project Stargate. And then of course it's been taken and used and shared and done, you know, all other places, but that's, [00:20:00] that's at least how they used it in reproduction. Wow.

Will: That's amazing. for someone that wants to start looking into this kind of thing, who is curious about spirituality or SecureUs about a spiritual development or personal development, or Ascension awakening, whatever you want to call it what, what's the best way in your estimation for someone to.

Justin: Start seeking, you know, start asking questions. First and foremost, the easiest thing for you to do is is that everything in your life, instead of looking at it through a victim lens, ask yourself why is this happening for me? And just asking that one question in everything that you do every moment of every day, we'll start to start.

We'll start to train the Synopsys in your brain and start looking and seeing the world differently. Start reading books, go through, go through all the I'll go through all the classics, right. Thinking grow rich by Napoleon hill. Right? Outwitting the devil All of anything that piques [00:21:00] your interest, pick a topic.

It doesn't matter, but just start studying, start exploring. You can go listen to go listen to a pick, pick one of the shows on the superpower network and start just listen to one episode a day because of the conversations that are being had, there are. In a different frequency in a different way of viewing and experiencing life.

And the network is really designed to attune people to a higher frequency, to get them into the place that supports their own seeking.

Will: you bring up your network and I'm glad that you did, because I love to dive a little bit further into it. I'm looking at your website right now and you've got, I'm looking at all the programs that you have and you have a valid.

Amount of programs and each one is different from sex love and superpowers to your daughter, superpower kids. Right. We can change the world. You've got a, we rise. You've got a super power in business. Like you have you've cover so many different topics. Like do you, to your point, there are different vibrations for each [00:22:00] one.

Is there something for everyone? Super powered mamas? Is there something for everyone on this day?

Justin: Yeah. If you're seeking and you're wanting to explore different realities, we want to explore the metaphysical. If you're wanting to explore your own consciousness, we've got to show for it. We've got a high frequency healing, which, which deals with different frequent different healing modalities.

We've got super power mamas, which. Perspective on raising conscious children. We've got your superpowered mind, which is our host Kristin Maxwell. She's she's, she's a trained attorney. She's, she's a lawyer and she's exploring consciousness. And how. We how our mind works and how it all interacts and how it's all connected that she explores it from people that like to think right there.

They consider themselves thinkers first. And so thinkers go listen to go listen to your superpowered mind to where is if you want, or if you want to explore. If you want to explore the way whew [00:23:00] and thought leaders and things that are pushing the edge, go listen to the science of superpowers. That's Tony's show she's.

She's having conversations with people that are, that are pushing the edges of known reality. And. You've got a family you're married and you want to know what, how, how to, how you navigate these spaces. And you have these conscious conversations as a family. Go listen to our families, show reclamation, where we're at 24 7 family.

And we we've dubbed ourselves. The first family of inspired personal development because it's not just spiritual growth. It's not just personal development. It's inspired. Personal development, right? Using spirit, divine God, the universe, as the foundation on which we explore our own consciousness. Because in that, the sky's the limit.

Will: I listen to so many shows that when I look at your site and I've, I've subscribed to a few of your [00:24:00] shows, cause I found them fascinating, but there's so much. That it would take me the rest of my life to listen to all your shows, because you do have some amazing, amazing programming, but if, if someone's like just starting.

Where would you direct them? Where, where do they start? Cause cosmic consciousness sounds amazing. High-frequency healing sounds amazing. I'm really interested in listening to your wife's show because that I'm, I'm all about. Pushing reality, you know, that kind of stuff, but I'm at a certain level.

I've been looking into this stuff I've been seeking for quite a while, but a lot of folks are listening to this show specifically are not a hundred percent there. The, they may be like me, they maybe they want to believe, but they don't know for sure whether this stuff is real or when their minds are, you know, they're afraid of the woo, like we talked about.

But they really wanted to start exploring. And when you look at some and says, Cosmic consciousness. [00:25:00] It could be a little intimidating. So do you have something that you would recommend if you're brand new to this stuff? Here's, here's where you start?

Justin: Well, you know, it's funny cause there are, there are so many starting points to take into consideration, right?

Because my, you know, so my experience for instance came from, you know, I started off in the church and then left the church, studied religion, understood religion, and then found my way back to. Christ two years ago when I was baptized with my daughter and along the way, I've incorporated to row cards, remote viewing you know, I talked to God, I channel, I I've incorporated all of those things as tools to understanding my relationship with divine.

Nothing, but a desire to understand myself and my relationship with God is, so it really depends on where you're coming from. Somebody like you, you've been, you've been seeking for awhile. You understand some of these higher concepts, so you can probably dive right into like the, the show disrupt reality[00:26:00] cosmic consciousness and in the science superpower.

For somebody else, depending on where you're starting, if you're growing outgrowing, the construct of religion itself, start looking at other places that really really start setting a framework for what's possible outside of the boxes that have been created by religion. Right? Explosive Wayne Dyer stuff is amazing.

We'll read some of his stuff. It's it's it's great. Entryway into understanding. What's beyond look at look at some of Deepak Chopra's early stuff, but they're Jesus, right? That's some great stuff there. Napoleon hill really ties in that personal development aspect as well. Start looking and start reading.

Just finding things that resonate with you, recognizing that. Every modality, everything is saying the exact same thing. Just using different vernacular, find something that works and resonates for you [00:27:00] for our shows you're business minded, go, go to incorporating the superpowers. You'll you'll see, we keep things at it's at the business level, right?

It's real world stuff. It's talking with people that are doing things different. But the conversations that are being had are from a different construct, from a different perspective on how to do business, right. Go watch an Eva's show her her go watch her old, her old superpower kid shows. And you can kind of see some of the silliness that's wrapped up in it and playfulness from, from a kid's perspective.

Right? If you want to get real, go, go listen to the reclamation show because we get raw. We get real, we get we're talking transparency. Some of the stuff that we have been through ourselves as a family and what that looks like, but best place to start.

Listen to something different, more importantly, open your mind to the fact that there's something else bigger out there in that whatever the mass media has been [00:28:00] feeding you, whatever social media has been feeding you, that's all programming designed to do one thing and that's to keep you in your small cell.

And limit who you actually are in the world.

Will: funny. You mentioned people like Napoleon hill and things like that. Not people don't realize that that type of a concept, the concept is they were, they were branding about is. Mired in the spiritual and the, in the consciousness awakening.

They just think, well, this is self-improvement or motivational for business type of thing. When in essence they're using law manifestation and all that kind of stuff in their teachings. I mean, it is, it is really accessible if you just. Recognize it for what it is.

Justin: Don't be afraid to have the courage, to have the courage, just to start exploring, have the conversations.

Right. I, you know, I love the backstory that you shared with me in your own journey, in the, how you got the actual proof of, oh, wow. This is actually real. Right. And in often, oftentimes. In all times and the movie, the [00:29:00] matrix, right. When I I'm going through it again, because I'm gearing up to watch the new one that's coming out here this year, the new series, right.

I'm getting ready to watch it. Well.

And when, you know, when Neo goes into the matrix, the first time when he comes out of the construct, after fighting, fighting Morpheus, right? He goes, Aw, he's like, Right. It's like, I didn't think it was real was like, well, your mind makes it real. Right. If you don't take anything else away from that movie, but that right there, it's your mind that makes it real belief is everything right with sciences.

Science has proven that the desk that I'm sitting in front in front of, right. That I'm sending behind right now, I can touch it. But science has proven. That there's more empty space in this desk than there is actual matter. So how is it then that I can touch it? Well, folks, that's the matrix. That's kind of how it works.

Why is it solid? [00:30:00] Because I believe in my subconscious programming through social programming, everything that it's real. But if I were to train myself to believe that it's not in every ounce of my being, I could probably put my hands. But I had had to believe it. All of them.

Will: I mean, you bring up things that yogis in India have been doing for so many years.

Right? You hear stories of people, levitating we interviewed a gentleman who was telling us about one of his masters was able to. Secret water from his hands or had fire coming into his hands all these different super powers, I guess, for lack of a better word, they feel it as a nuisance.

It's just a, secondary side effect to the road, to their self enlightenment. We just did an interview with someone who had a near death experience and her experience was one, A very devout Catholic woman who had been taught [00:31:00] that if she was bad, she was going to hell.

She was good. She was going to heaven. And when she was put into a coma because of a health issue that she had, she ended up going to hell because that's what she expected. That would be what happens. So she experienced all these terrible things in her NDE. And then when she started changing her thought process to one of more aligned with God, she ended up getting shot up to heaven.

At which point she was told no, no, you've got , too much work to do. You've got to go back where her whole message was. I created that you don't have to go to hell, right? If you don't believe that you're going to go to hell when you die, you won't. But you have to really truly know that when you die, this is what happens.

Right. We talked about what dreams may come, the, the book and the movie that when you die, they, everyone had their own personal hell their own personal heaven, because for sure enough whatever you believe is 100%. [00:32:00] Well,

Justin: yeah, that's my concept of how is it is, is slightly different. I don't think you have to wait for.

I think most people live in an existence that is hell because they get up every morning and go to their nine to five job rinse and repeat. They might see their family on the weekends and then they're just waiting to die. Or they're waiting for some miracle, maybe hitting the power of, or whatever it is.

Right. And it may not be, they might have a great life, but even in just small things, like getting into a into a fight with your spouse and it's the same. Over and over it's a hell loop, right? The behaviors don't change, right? The reality doesn't change the construct. So change your friends. Don't change mean this person is not nice.

And this person never says anything. This person that we create these own hell loops because it's our program. When we don't understand why. And my belief is that we create these hell dibs for ourselves. And Jesus [00:33:00] even said, right, the kingdom is here. The kingdoms. You too shall do greater things than I.

Well, if that's the case and how come 7 million Christians haven't been able, or however many Christians haven't been able to create heaven on earth, the promises is it's here now. Well, it's because of the program and this reinforced and when religion puts it into a box, it limits it. And it's been sold as you have to wait to die in order to go to heaven.

That's not what Jesus said. Jesus said, the kingdom is here. And now, which means that, okay, if the kingdom is here now and I'm not seeing it, which is heaven, did that mess mean I'm in hell and how do I get out?

Will: That's that is a heck of a thought. So you started in religion, Moved away from it looked into Touro and Astro projection, remote viewing, all that kind of stuff, and then found your way back.

We're baptized, but I'm here. [00:34:00] That religion is not really your thing, but rather spirituality. Right? So one of the, the messaging that I get all the time for people who are Uber religious is why are you looking into that stuff? That all that stuff is the Toronto, that's all the devil that's the devil's work.

So how do you reconcile that within yourself?

Justin: It's easy. Because I've played in those areas. I understand that the Toronto is just understanding their content in the 72 major Arcana that make up the human psyche and that they aren't of the devil. They are just tools to remind us of, if this card comes up, then.

I should probably take a look at that within my own psyche and understand why am I doing this? Why am I seeing this? Where's this showing up in my life and how do I improve upon it? How do I come into awareness harmony with it? They're not, they're not tools that use to worship the devil, right? [00:35:00] God, God created everything.

God created everything. Didn't how did we come to Toronto? A lot of people argue that, well, that was manmade. I argue that they were tools that men used as a mechanism to better understand their relationship with God. And that's it. And it's for me, God, God was. God, God, God's not a choice. Salvation is God, but God is not a choice.

You can't remove God from reality. Right? When we do, we get the chaos, we get the chaos of the world. And if we're stuck in our own personal hell, because we removed God and we're left to our own constructs, then how do we get out of that? Well, one, we have to realign ourselves with the divine. And then we have to start understanding who we are on programming our own behaviors to come more in alignment [00:36:00] with God.

And in that purpose, because when we do spirit guides us, we don't have to, we don't have to do anything. I live a very blessed life because of that, because I lean into spirit. I trust God to do that. For me, it was that the moniker Christ I accepted Christ. He gave us two rules and the church threw a whole bunch more on top of it.

But the two rules that Christ Christ gave to us, right? Love, God love each other. And the only way that we can do that is understanding ourselves, understanding our biases, understanding our own judgments, understanding our own fears. And coming into alignment in a frequency of love that allows us to connect with everybody outside of the zone of judgment says, if you're not me, then you're a big, bad and scary because the fact of the matter is is that the people that we see in our life are just a reflection [00:37:00] of ourselves.

And believe it or not. When you work through those different layers, those people that you're seeing in your reality, if those art types no longer see no longer serve you, those people just magically disappear and fade away from your life. It's magic.

Will: You said a mouthful. I believe like you, I believe that the Turo, all these things are tools, right? The underlying message in this show has always been that we're finding that we're all saying the same thing in just using different words. Right? The, the challenge comes when. I've never made it a secret that I'm, I'm not an organized religion type of guy.

It just, it just didn't work for me. Didn't fit for me if it fits for you. Wonderful. Where I have a challenge though, is when someone says to me or anyone that this is the only. To take. And that's where I [00:38:00] start then I'm unplugging because I've, I know different li I have spoken to a lot of people that are in a very different path.

I've spoken to people that are on the complete opposite path, but their focus is be a good person, be a good person and help other people. Because at the end of the day, what you're doing is helping yourself. We're all. Right. We've all, everyone talks about the fact we are all one. We all part of God, we all come from God.

We all come from the divine and we, you and I sitting across from our computers to each other, we are the same person in a different percentage. And the sooner that we start realizing that the better off we're going to

Justin: be. Yeah, well, absolutely. And it's, it's the idea that anybody else outside of yourself.

Whether it be organized, religion, friends, or shared beliefs, whatever can tell you [00:39:00] who or what your relationship with God is, is silly. It's a personal relationship that you have to have. No one else can tell you what that looks like. No one else can define that for you. For me, I have that relationship and connection with God through Christ, right.

But I'm not a believer that that's the only way it's a. Tool. It's what resonates with me. I can identify it. I see the power in it, but I also pull from other things and why I'm able to do what I do because I see the value in it. And that's what our in our community is really designed to do that it's designed to support those, regardless of what your walk is, whatever that path looks like.

It's a lot easier to do it alone, do it by yourself rather than alone, or find yourself a mage, a big box church or religion that you don't fully agree with, but to be able to get the support that you need in that personal journey for yourself, because it is just that it is. And I [00:40:00] believe it's the only thing that's going to change the world is that personal, personal journey with spirit, with the divine that is going to bring us closer together in unity.

Will: Yep. Yep. Couldn't agree with you more. I salute you for what you're doing with your community, because you do have a lot for a lot of people and you guys are doing a lot of great things for a lot of folks. So, thank you for putting it out there. Thank you for coming on the show. If someone wants to.

Reach out to you or experience their community. What's the best way to do it.

Justin: The best way to do it is go to superpower You use the chat feature at the bottom of the page to, to reach out it's in any one of our hosts, a message as well, connect with me there as well. Just say, chime in and say, Hey, when can I connect with Justin or go to the app, download the app where you can stream all of our content in our classes on the superpower network app, just it's in the app store, go to net.

Yeah, there's

Will: just so much there, just so much there that we could. I mean, if we dove down into each of the individual things that [00:41:00] you offer on that site we would be here at least a month because it just there's just so much. So, I would, I would encourage you to take a look for yourself. There's a lot of really incredible right there, there are readily available to anyone who wants it.

So Justin, I'm honored that you came on the show. Thank you very much for coming on and spending some time.

Justin: Fantastic and,

Will: I want to thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery. We'd love to continue a conversation with you on social media. So if you'd like to connect with us on Facebook or Instagram, you can do so at skeptic metaphysician, or just go to skeptic,, where you can find direct links to those social media platforms.

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Once it's been published. Well, folks hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as I have, sadly. That's all we have time for. Thanks again for joining us and we'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysician. Take good care.

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